All You Need To Know About Car Insurance

Do you really need car insurance? Is it a requirement? We’ll help you understand the important things about having this protection.

While car protection is required in almost all states, it is not mandatory for some. New Hampshire, for example, does not require drivers to buy protection for their car. However, drivers are required to show proof that they can afford to pay for healthcare services should an accident happen. Most drivers secure protection for the primary purpose of following the law and they end up buying the minimum required coverage. In any case, there’s more to it than simply following the law. We’ll break down the benefits of having this coverage, especially when an accident happens.

1.Pay Now and Save Later

You can think of it as an expense today but your car policy can actually save you from huge out-of-the expenses that can potentially use up all your savings. This small investment on your part can save you a lot of hassle in the future. There are many coverages and some examples include collision, comprehensive, property liability, and bodily injury liability. All of these can offset costly medical services.

2.Protect Yourself and Others

It doesn’t just protect you but the right car policy also covers your family members, your passengers, and other drivers. So before an accident happens, you want to make sure you’ve got the right coverage in place. Get in touch with a financial advisor to learn your different options.

3.Save Time and Hassle

An accident consumes a lot from the person involved and the family. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. However, with the right car protection plan, you can avoid these hassles and save time. For one, you don’t need to negotiate with the other parties involved in repair or replacement. Your insurance provider will take care of this for you including towing, repairs or replacements, and cost of damages to the other party. Once you file your claim, the company will go through the motion on your behalf.

4.Peace of Mind

Another important aspect that your car protection offers is peace of mind. Anyone can make some mistakes – sometimes you make it and other times you’re going to be on the receiving end. With a policy in place, you’ll feel confident even unexpected things happen to you.

5.Supplement Your Health Insurance

If you have car insurance, you’ll have more options to pay for medical services, too. There are instances your health care plan may not fully cover your medical needs. Your car policy would be able to help you with other costs like dental work and other medical services.

What’s A Collision And Comprehensive Coverage?

Now that we’ve established the importance of your car insurance, let’s discuss collision and comprehensive coverage because not all cars need this kind of coverage. If you have an older car, it may not be worth it to buy this coverage. To make a wise decision, see how much you can afford to spend in case of accidents. You should also check how much it would cost to buy this kind of coverage. This will give you an informed decision whether or not your car is worth insuring.

As its name suggests, collision coverage helps you pay for damages done to your car should an accident happen. This is applied regardless of who is at fault. When you’re rear-ended, for instance, your car policy will cover expenses to repair your rear bumper. Now if the situation is reversed, you will still be covered trying to fix your front end bumper.

The comprehensive coverage meanwhile, takes care of damages done to your car in non-collision situations. The damage can be caused by natural disasters, vandalism, or theft. When a storm takes down a branch in your yard and it falls to you, then this is non-collision damage. The insurance can help you pay for costs to repair the roof of your car.

Overall, getting a protection plan for your car can save you and your family from having to spend huge costs. More importantly, it can afford to give you peace of mind while you’re on the road.

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