Top 9 Health Insurance Companies

With the market for health insurance on the rise, it’s become hard to choose which company to buy from. Each company has its own specialty, special products, and services that place them above the rest. To help you decide, we put together 9 different insurance companies you can choose from depending on what you need.

1.Aetna: Best for Medicare Advantage

Make the most out of your Medicare. Aetna offers Medicare Advantage plans to 37 states and 262 new counties. The company also sells Medicare Supplemental and Prescription Drug Plans in all 50 states, as well as dental, vision, and hearing product supplementals.

Additionally, it received top NCQA ratings in different cities, with its customer service, products, and affordable rates. Their recent partnership with CVS Health Company expanded its reach and services as well.

2.Blue Cross/Blue Shield: Best for Nationwide Coverage

Blue Cross/Blue Shield is chosen to be best for nationwide coverage due to the fact that more than 96% of hospitals and 95% of doctors and specialists contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield companies – more than any other insurer.

Three Blue Cross Blue Shield companies received high ratings from the NCQA and 14 received good financial ratings. Its plans were ranked highly in terms of customer satisfaction. The company also offers employer insurance, individual policies, and different Medicare plans.

3.Cigna Health Insurance: Best for Global Coverage

If you’re looking for coverage that’s more global, no need to look further than Cignal Health Insurance. This company has 170 million customers and 1.5 million healthcare professionals around the globe, with access to doctors in 200 countries.

Its product, Expatriates Insurance, is a great seller to its target market. Four Cignal plans were top-rated by NCQA. The company also leads to customer satisfaction in New Jersey and the East South Central regions.

4.Humana: Best 360 Degree Coverage

Umbrella coverage, you say? Humana is the insurance company for you. Humana sells products that usual health insurance policies don’t cover. These are expenses such as eyeglasses, contacts, dental exams, crowns, or prescription drugs.

Humana also offers insurance plans for people living with chronic conditions that include transitions from hospital stays to home care. Four private Humana plans and three Humana Medical Advantage Plans were highly-rated by NCQA.

5.Kaiser Foundation Health Plans: Best for HMOs

HMO premiums are generally lower than usual health insurance plans. There is no deductible, and prescription drug costs also tend to be lower. Kaiser Foundation Health Plans’ Medical Advantage plans are HMOs, thus providing many people a less expensive option.

Although the pitfall of HMOs is the restriction that you must only use doctors, hospitals, and other services that are within the network. Still, it offers essential services with a high satisfaction rate from customers.

6.United Healthcare Services Inc.: Best for the Tech Forward

United Healthcare Services Inc. knows how to keep up with the times. The company is pushing “consumer-driven digital health care” providing customers with wearable technology for glucose management and online booking and records, to name a few.

Two of its private plans scored an impressive 4.5. Thirteen plans scored 4.0 in the overall NCQA ratings. The company offers a full range of health programs for individuals and employers with a network of over 1.3 million physicians and care professionals.

7.HealthPartners: Best Midwest

Under the names of Group Health Plan and HealthPartners, this company provides Medicare plans in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. All three of these plans have a 4.5 overall score from the NCQA, providing great service in the Midwest.

8.Harvard Pilgrim Health Care: Best New England

This company has a joint offer with UnitedHealthcare, the Harvard Pilgrim Choice Plus, and Options PPO plan, providing members access to a network of half a million doctors nationwide and thousands of hospitals.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has two 4.5-rated plans and one 4.0-rated plan.

9.Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan: Best New York

The Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan is a not-for-profit physician-directed health plan, as its name suggests. With two 5.0 rated plans from the NCQA, this company has some of the highest-rated plans anywhere.

The company’s Medicare Advantage plan is also highly rated. With the company’s plans available in 26 of New York’s 68 counties, it also highlights that eight out of its fifteen board members are practicing physicians.

These companies all offer highly-rated NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) approved plans, all with different specialties and advantages. Remember that choosing and availing of health insurance is a big, important step. Make sure to consider all the personal and financial factors in your decision-making.

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