Elton John And David Furnish

Elton John and David Furnish are known for their long-standing relationship despite their age difference. John is 73 while Furnish is 58, leaving them with a 15-year age difference. While the age gap between them might have tested most people, it didn’t for these two.

It was in 1993 when John met Furnish at a dinner party he arranged in London. They eventually started dating after hanging out a couple of times. In 2005, John and Furnish became one of the first same-sex couples to get a civil partnership in the UK — they had a lot of help from their lawyers, of course. They got married nine years later and became parents to Zachary Jackson Levon and Elijah Joseph Daniel. Twenty-three years after meeting each other, the couple is still inseparable, even describing their relationship as something that becomes better over time.