Extremely Pricey Insured Body Parts of Famous Celebrities

Nowadays, numerous insurance companies are popping up like mushrooms, owing to the fact that people are becoming more mindful of their importance. Mishaps can happen at any given moment and having insurance can protect us from bearing the financial burden of it solely by ourselves.

The same applies to celebrities who spend so much of their time in public. They meet all sorts of people, travel often, and encounter dangers that the average person does not. Whether it be while they’re performing on stage or shooting a movie, the risks that come with their job often tends to be overlooked. In their case, their best asset is themselves so it is necessary to add an extra layer of security when possible.

With that in mind, you might be surprised at the degree of effort they have put into insuring certain assets. We’re talking body parts here, ladies and gents! Surely, few of you have even considered insuring anything else beyond your health. Well, some of your faves have their legs, faces, and even breasts insured!
Check out our list of the priciest insured celebrity body parts!

Miley Cyrus – Tongue

When we think of Miley Cyrus, most of us would immediately recall the Wrecking Ball music video. While it has been years since the single was released, it remains one of her most popular. Of course, this is with some thanks to that infamous scene in which she licked a sledgehammer. It got people’s attention and mixed reviews, but it did propel her popularity further.

Perhaps this is the reason why she decided to get insurance for her tongue. During that period, she made it a significant part of her image. How many tongue-out photos of Miley have we seen throughout the years? A lot. We’re sure she has since earned back the $1 million she paid to get it insured, though.