How Much Are Your Favorite Celebrities Worth?

Jackie Chan | Est. $400 million

Another jack of all trades is Jackie Chan. The iconic Jackie Chan is an actor, martial artist and recently, producer rolled into one. Hailing from Hong Kong, Chan’s successful career in Hollywood is proof that dedication and talent can manage to cross borders—including language barriers. Famous for his martial arts stunts and his comedic timing, he has made many top-grossing movies that helped cement his career in the United States.

His most applauded and debut films are Drunken Master and Rush Hour. These movies were so well-loved by audiences that they even made a sequel of the said movies. The action star now has a net worth of $400 million. The degree of his talent doesn’t stop at acting, however. Did you know that in his homeland, the actor is also renowned for his prowess in singing, filmmaking, action choreography, and screenwriting? Now that he is reaching old age, Jackie has no plans to put a halt to his career. He is still doing films and we can’t wait to see more of his amazing stunt choreography.