Chuck Lorre | Est. $500 million

Who says that only actors can earn a hefty amount of money? Take Chuck Lorre for instance. The ultra-successful Chuck Lorre is the man behind hit TV shows Two and a Half Men, Grace Under Fire, and The Big Bang Theory. A notable scriptwriter, director, and producer, Lorre has managed to collect an estimated value of $500 million for his net worth. That is not a big surprise though, based on the success of his hit TV shows.

On top of these TV shows, he also wrote Deborah Harry’s song French Kissin’ in the USA. Given the size of his fortune, we’re sure he can pursue other creative endeavors and indulge in various luxuries. However, Lorre is not the flashy type and likes to lay-low despite being a big-shot in the television industry. Chuck Lorre’s brilliant mind seems to know how to manage his finances well enough that spending wasn’t his thing.